The short of it… I REALLY like taking photos. I’ve always had a little artist in me and I express that through my camera. I have learned a ton over my 8 years doing photography and can’t get enough of it. Capturing the beauty of your story and the truth of your experience in life is an absolute honor. I’d love to be your photographer.

The long of it…For me, it all started when I was 25 just getting the swing of my first corporate job. I headed to Brazil on a mission trip one summer, floated down the Amazon and began to capture with my new camera. I was hooked. I was able to tell a story without saying a word. I was able to show depth, pain, beauty, truth and life. I discovered how to speak visually where people would stop and listen. They would gasp or cry or laugh. That has been everything to me! I am grateful for the projects I've been able to work on so far and look forward to many more!

The personal of it…I am married to the best human I know. Lucas could not be greater at life and I am thankful I get to be by his side. We just had our first son, Levi, in May and are enjoying getting to know our little fella! In our free time we enjoy fixing up our mid-century home, exploring new cities, reading thought-provoking theology books, and hanging with our people.